Blogs for Scholars

At Expositus, we give scholars (and aspiring scholars) their own blogs. Whether you want to blog solo or join up with some colleagues, we will build you a ready-to-go WordPress blog on the Expositus network. What makes blogging with Expositus so great?


Your blog is beautifully designed to help readers discover and focus on what’s important, your content.


We worry about the technical aspects of search engine optimization to ensure that search engines return your posts at the top of relevant web searches.


We park your blog on main street. Users in one area of our site can easily discover content in another, including your content.


In addition to a growing library of tutorials, help is only a quick email away.


We are actively seeking and building an audience interested in the humanities, especially through social media outlets. Everyone on the Expositus network benefits as a result. Considering blogging with us? Sign up here:


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