In the previous post on future plans, I outlined four ideas for Expositus moving forward. The first two have emerged as the most viable, and I envision a combination of the two:

  • Narrowing the scope of the site to a specific subject within the humanities.
  • Simplifying blogging services for potential authors (i.e., simply providing blogs to authors without offering extended support, design, etc., as originally planned).

Stay tuned.


As I mentioned in the previous post, the Expositus project is still very much alive. I am considering a few different routes to take moving forward, and relevant decisions will likely need to wait to be made for at least 6–8 weeks, if not longer. Some ideas for the future include: Narrowing the scope of theContinue Reading

Kickstarter Results

Although the Kickstarter campaign did not meet the funding goal, it was a success for many reasons, including the following: It helped clarify the vision of the Expositus project. It helped us think about how to communicate that vision to a broad audience. It raised the profile of the project and helped us make connections with peopleContinue Reading

Tutorials Coming Soon

One part of what Expositus offers is a library of tutorials. We are compiling a list of potential tutorials to produce this year that will be relevant to various segments of our audience, scholars, students, and lay persons. These include: Leveraging Social Media for Professionals Making the Most of Wordpress How to be a Consistent and Compelling Blogger 10Continue Reading

Blogs for Scholars

At Expositus, we give scholars (and aspiring scholars) their own blogs. Whether you want to blog solo or join up with some colleagues, we will build you a ready-to-go WordPress blog on the Expositus network. What makes blogging with Expositus so great? Design Your blog is beautifully designed to help readers discover and focus on what’s important, yourContinue Reading

New Resource: Stay up on latest journals in your field.

With today’s syndication technology, it is possible to subscribe to the most important journals in your field and receive titles and abstracts of the latest articles in your feed reader or email. The only problem is that this requires manually subscribing to each journal–and some journals do not make it obvious where to find the feed. We’re solving these problemsContinue Reading